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Rush Q&A

Where can I find the rush schedule?

You can find the Spring 2024 Rush Schedule linked here.

How will I know AKPsi is right for me?

As a professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi wants you to not just help you develop professionally, but also personally. The relationships between brothers of AKPsi extend beyond college. Friendships you make over these four years are rooted in mutual growth, setting an environment of encouragement and motivation. We hope that when you interact with the brothers of our fraternity, you recognize their unique passion and feel empowered to pursue your own interests. We encourage you to interact with those of other fraternities as well, as finding a culture that best fits you is our ultimate goal.

Do I have to be a Kelley major to rush?

Alpha Kappa Psi rush is open to those of all majors. We strongly believe that the diversity amongst our brothers is one of our strongest assets. With mathematics, intelligent systems engineering, computer science, psychology, and music performance majors, there is so much to learn from our fellow brothers! 

If I don’t receive a bid, can I rush again?

Absolutely! Oftentimes, it is the case that there are more qualified applicants than we can extend bids to. We encourage you to take what you have learned about our fraternity throughout the rush process and come back to rush the following semester or year. Candidates who rush again show a high level of commitment and interest, both factors that may provide a better chance of receiving a bid.

What is proper attire during rush? What is the difference between business casual and business professional?

Depending on the specific event, attire will vary. However, historically we have had events that have had a casual, business casual, smart casual, or business professional dress code. Requirements for men and women vary. To learn more about the differences, we encourage you to visit this informational website that our brothers at the University of South Carolina have made!

What is rush?

Rush is typically a week-long set of events spanning from open informational sessions to invitational professional interviews. There are two sessions, one held at the beginning of the Fall semester and another at the beginning of the Spring semester. Our rush objectives are to educate prospective brothers about the fraternity and learn more about the candidates for our incoming class. The first three days of rush are open to everyone, and we encourage those interested to attend as many of them as possible. At the conclusion of open rush, a select group of rushees will be invited back for a coffee chat with the brothers and may subsequently be offered an interview, during which they have the opportunity to present themselves in a professional environment. Concluding the rush process, candidates that have shown continued interest towards our mission values and a willingness to contribute to our fraternity will receive a bid. 

How much of a commitment is pledgeship?

Occurring over a period of eight weeks, pledgeship is the equivalent of a three credit class or a summer internship. Over the course of pledgeship, members will undergo an incredibly rewarding experience of developing themselves professionally and growing relationships with fellow brothers.

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