Here at Beta Gamma, you can take formal leadership in the chapter through Board of Governors, Appointed Officers, Strategy Board, Senior Advisory Board, and Associated Directors. These active members lead the way to a brighter future.

Our Board of Governors act as a body of formal leaders who oversee all of Beta Gamma's operations, committees, events, and overall chapter



Matt Begley | President 


Description of position:

As President, I oversee the Board of Governors, manage the day-to-day activities as well as the long-term strategic outlook of the fraternity. Additionally, I represent the Beta Gamma chapter to the Heritage Center and the governing body of Alpha Kappa Psi. 

Other Involvements: 

Office of Admission Tour Guide, Kelley Honors Leadership Mentor, 180 Degrees Consulting Mentor

Ani Chalian| Supreme Court Chief Justice 


Description of position:
As Supreme Court Chief Justice, I interpret and apply the laws that govern our chapter. It is my job to work with New Initiates to progress and develop these laws, ensuring that the chapter is continuously growing. Presenting new endeavors, ideas, and structures are what continue to make our chapter live to its fullest potential. 

Other Involvements

 AKPsi Cycling, The Consulting Workshop, SCOPE Consulting President

Kate Newman | Vice President of Membership 


Description of position: 

As the  Vice President of Membership, I am in charge of planning and executing rush I focus on ensuring that pledges learn the history and values of the fraternity and are smoothly integrated into the chapter. During pledgeship, I work closely with the Pledge Trainer to develop the pledges throughout the process. 

Other Involvements:

IT POD Network

Collin Hecht | Vice President of External Relations 


Description of position: 
As Vice President of External Relations, I work extensively with our current partners and explore prospective partners for Beta Gamma. My goal through my term is to be able to gain more resources and projects for our brothers to invest themselves in.

Other Involvements:

IUDM Marketing Committee, A-Team Tour Guides

Tarun Suresh | Vice President of Alumni Relations 


Description of position:

As Vice President of Alumni Relations, I foster the brotherhood between current members along with our vast amount of experienced alumni. I plan to strive for a diverse and fulfilling experience for everyone in Beta Gamma.

Other Involvements:

Kelley-to-Kelley Peer Mentor, IES Abroad Program Ambassador 

Jai Sanghani | Vice President of Finance 


Description of position:

As Vice President of Finance, I conduct the Finance committee. My responsibilities include organizing the chapter budgets and fundraising for

the fraternity. Additionally, I work closely with the Treasurer and all of BOG to facilitate any

expenses we incur.  

Other Involvements:

Kelley Student Government, Retail Workshop, Finance Diversity Program, Out @ Kelley

Dana Walker | Vice President of Professional Development 


Description of position:

I create the curriculum for pledge professional development and organize events for the professional network of our actives. My committee's goal is to be a resource for all brothers and help prepare them for everything to come in future careers.   

Other Involvements:

AKPsi Cycling, SCOMA, Technology Consulting Workshop

 Shannon Cunningham | Vice President of Communications 


Description of position: 

As Vice President of Communication, I promote all marketing, advertising, and digital structure both internally and externally for the chapter. Directing effective and efficient communication for brothers is my goal through this role.

Other Involvements:

Kelley Peer Mentor, ADAPT Consulting

The following brothers hold formal leadership positions that pertain to specific parts of chapters structure and functionality, upholding the well being of Beta Gamma. 


Mary McGinnis


Spencer Ukrin


Anna Engel

Master of Rituals

Shane Lasher


Alexys Negron


Sofia Mayhew


Ethan Furnish

Pledge Trainer

RJ Delsignore


Board Members
Spencer Urkin 
Max Kelly
Szi Kiat Lee 
Ben Magubual 
Board Members
Rachel Harris |
Cory Brown |
 Nick Broyles |
Anusha Sen Gupta |
Appointed seniors who offer guidance and support to the Beta Gamma chapter.


 Appointed brothers to have an open discussion about chapter operations and further the chapter’s growth.  


The Active Brothers who are appointed by BOG to assist and direct specific committees and avenues of the fraternity.


Membership Associate Directors

Connor Fitzmartin | Education AD | 

Brooklyn Runte | Integration AD | 

Ashley Cornille | Logistics AD | 

Community Service Associate Directors

Calin Petro | CS AD | 

Natalie Glaid | CS AD | 


Teacher Excellence Associate Directors

Marianna Toljan | TE AD | 

Corporate Relations Associate Directors

Tyler Luby | CR AD | 

Eli Lawyer-Smith | CR AD | 

Brotherhood Associate Directors

Indiana Burks | Brotherhood AD | 

Gavin Pawell | Brotherhood AD | 

Alex Arisso | Brotherhood AD | 


Philanthropy Associate Directors

John Weikert | Philanthropy AD | 


Alumni Relations Associate Directors

Vivienne Armacost | AR AD | 

Elizabeth Hortia | AR AD | 

Finance Associate  Directors

Audrey Sloane | Finance AD | 

Max Kelly | Finance AD | 

Brittany Padden | Finance AD | 


Marketing Associate Directors

Grace  Siefker | Content Creator AD | Meghan McAneny | Brand Logistics AD | 

Caroline Auld | Media AD | 

Professional Development Directors

Zheng He | Academics AD | 

Ian Walker | Pledge AD | 

Apparel Associate Directors

Trevor Size | Design AD | 

Vinay Moorthy | Finance & Dist. AD | 

Technology Associate Directors

Kalea Miao | Internal Tech AD | 

Aman Chandan | External Tech AD | 

Rotational Associate Directors

Ally Weissman | Rotational AD | 

John Nickolaou | Rotational AD | 

Charlie Code | Rotational AD | 

Ian McCann | Rotational  AD |