Board of Governors





Responsibilities: The President leads both chapter and executive board meetings. She guides chapter strategy to ensure decisions are in the best interest of members while maintaining compilance with national standards, risk minimization, and sustainability.

Past Leadership: Pledge Trainer, Associate Director of Teachers' Excellence, Associate Director of Corporate Relations

Major: Economics via Liberal Arts and Management Program

Graduating: May 2017

Pledge Semester: Spring 2014

Work Experience: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Did You Know: Holli lived on a ship for over 125 days.

Other Involvement: Cox Scholars Program, Investment Management Workshop, IU Caving Club




Supreme Court Chief Justice

Responsibilities:  The SCCJ is responsible for facilitating the pledge selection process. She also maintains the chapter's bylaws, educates our New Initiate members, and manages risk.

Past Leadership: Master of Rituals

Major: Finance

Graduating: May 2018

Pledge Semester: Spring 2015

Work Experience: BMO Capital Markets

Did You Know: Duncan can solve a Rubik's Cube in 30 seconds and has a collection of over 35 cubes.

Other Involvement: Investment Banking Workshop, Marching Hundred, Big Red Basketball Band, Office of Admissions A-Team, Kappa Kappa Psi 




Vice President of Membership


Responsibilities: The VPM develops pledges through the pledgeship process while managing the Membership Committee.

Past Leadership: Fundraising Chair - Spring 2015 Pledge Class

Majors: Finance and Operations Management

Minors: Spanish

Graduating: May 2017

Pledge Semester: Spring 2015

Work Experience: FinishLine, PepsiCo

Did You Know: Meg owns an extensive collection of books of useless information.

Other Involvement: Women's Varsity Rowing, Kelley B-Store





Vice President of External Relations

Responsibilities: The VPER connects and maintains relationships and events with our corporate partners, as well as executes all community service activities for the year.

Past Leadership: AD of Corporate Relations 

Majors: Finance and Entrepreneurship 

Graduating: May 2019

Pledge Semester: Fall 2016

Work Experience: Wells Fargo

Did You Know: Drew played viola and piano for 7 years.

Other Involvement: 180 Degrees Consulting, Tamid Group, Kelley Honors Program, Big Brothers Big Sisters





Vice President of Alumni Relations



Responsibilities: The VPAR maintains and forges personal and professional relationships with both our vast alumni network and current brothers in chapter.

Past LeadershipAssociate Director of Alumni Relations

Majors: Marketing, History

Minor: Spanish

Graduating: May 2019

Pledge Semester: Fall 2015

Work Experience: Undergraduate Career Services Office

Did You Know: Sarah lived in Paris, France in the summer of 2016 while taking a history course and traveled to India for the P256 business course. She is going to South Africa in May 2017.

Other Involvement: 180 Degrees Consulting; Books & Beyond; Kelley Honors Program





Vice President of Finance




Responsibilities: The VPF maintains the financial health of the fraternity. he controls budgets by raising revenue and controlling costs. He oversees the Finance and Audit committees and also works closely with the Treasurer.

Past LeadershipAssociate Director of Finance

MajorsAccounting, Real Estate

Minor: Sport Management & Marketing

Graduating: May 2018

Pledge Semester: Spring 2015

Work Experience: Trinitas Ventures, Shepherd Insurance and Financial

Did You Know: Dillon wrestled for 12 years and competed at the state finals his senior year of high school. He enjoys hanging out with friends and supporting IU athletics. He is also a huge movie fan and loves to collect Blu-ray’s.

Other Involvement: Commercial Real Estate Workshop, Kelley Honors Program




Vice President of Professional Development





Responsibilities: The VPPD and his committee strive to provide resources that enable members to flourish professionally. Additionally, he works with the Membership Committee to teach our pledges the technical and personal skills of professionalism.

Past Leadership: Associate Director of Pledge Development, Associate Director of Professional Development

Majors: Public Policy Analysis, Data Analytics, and Economic Consulting

Graduating: May 2018

Pledge Semester: Fall 2014

Work Experience: HealthScape Advisors

Other Involvement: Consulting Workshop, Kelley Honors Program, Statistics TA, KLLC Board, IUSA




Vice President of Communication



Responsibilities: The VPC manages the fraternity's marketing, technology, and apparel while maintaining Alpha Kappa Psi's brand in all communications.

Past Leadership: Associate Director of Apparel

Major: Sales, Finance

Minor: Music

Graduating: May 2019

Pledge Semester: Fall 2015

Work Experience: Houston Party Boats

Did You Know: Andrew is a dual citizen with citizenship in Panama and the United States.

Other Involvement: Hudson and Holland Scholars, Office of Admissions Tour Guide